The Adventures of Sam & Emily: Search for the Haunted Bunker

I work a lot, study a lot, yoga a lot, and read a lot, but what’s life without some crazy adventures?

Sam, my main squeeze, is a photographer and cinematographer. He’s got an eye for the more dark, fascinating aspects of life, which I really appreciate. When we first started dating, we used to joke about the shady places he took me to and about the machete that was lying on the floor the first time I ever stepped foot in his apartment. (“It’s for a shoot, I swear!”) So, when he asked me to come with him to check out a haunted bunker in the north and film a vlog about the excursion, I was totally in!

Apparently, the bunker was from the wars several years ago and some soldiers were found murdered inside it. However, the government didn’t classify their deaths as terrorism and refused to ever release any details about what had happened. Instead, they sealed off the entrance to the bunker so that no one could get in. After years of being closed off, it’s recently been opened again. A prime spot for a little gutsy exploration.

Two weekends ago, we packed up his Jeep with all the equipment (and snacks) we’d need for the day and headed off to the Jordan Valley in search of the haunted bunker. Someone Sam had worked with in the north had tipped him off about its location, but it still took some driving around to actually find the entrance. Armed with only a flashlight, a camera, and our penchant for all things creepy, we entered the bunker and…

Well, you can see for yourself what happens!

Watch our adventure right here.

And, while you’re at it, you can also go check out his Instagram for some seriously awesome stuff. I may be shamelessly plugging my man, but hey, what can I say? The dude’s talented and he ain’t scared of no ghost. 🙂

Happy Sunday, everybody!



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