The 5 Principles of Reiki: Surrendering Our Worries

As I was pondering what to share in this post, I realized that this week’s specific topic has come up at a very opportune time. This week and last, I have been housesitting for my Reiki Masters (who are married to each other) in Tel Aviv, and the gorgeous Reiki energy permeating their home is almost palpable. Ever since the very first time I stepped foot inside last year, I have felt completely at home and at peace in their apartment. I have always been pretty sensitive to vibrations and energies, and I often have strong feelings about which buildings or environments are going to be ones I want to spend my time in. Mark and Kandi’s home is like a zen haven in the midst of bustling Tel Aviv and also in the midst of the maze that’s been my inner life the past several months!

So, living surrounded by such radiant Reiki energy for ten days, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and let the good vibrations really soak in. I’ll be honest: my move to Israel has not been an easy one. I’ve been navigating my identity as a Jewish woman, adjusting to different cultural norms, sloughing my way through Linguistics homework, attempting to forge new friendships, and wondering how on earth I’m going to make ends meet financially while I’m getting my Masters degree. On top of that, there is the continued unease of being incredibly single on the downhill side of my twenties, made even more frustrating by my recent heartbreak. Suffice it to say that I’ve spent a good chunk of the last few months flailing around in a sea of worry.

And yet…

My needs are being met.

Just when I think to myself, “Dammit, there’s no way I’m going to have enough money to cover everything this month,” a new tutoring or babysitting opportunity will pop up. A friend will come to me suggesting I open a yoga class, even offering to help promote it for me. When I was a broken record whining inwardly about not having friends on my same life page, wonderful, loyal women appeared almost magically in my life. When I desperately needed a new place to live, a vacant spot in an apartment I could afford (with lovely roommates!) opened up. I may not be able to see these things ahead of time or know in what form they’ll come, but it’s becoming quite obvious to me that G-d (or the universe, whatever you like to call the Absolute) has my back and is taking very good care of me.

“Just for today, I release thoughts of worry.”

This is the Second Principle of Reiki, and I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say that it’s the hardest one! As a person with anxious tendencies, it’s quite easy for me to get stuck in a rut of worry, going around and around in circles, spiraling deeper and deeper into a pit of anxiety. If someone were to tell me, “Emily, just don’t worry about it,” I’d probably slap them upside the head and tell them right where to go. It often seems impossible to quell the thoughts of worry that come into my mind about anything and everything, but if I remember that crucial first part of the Reiki Principles — the “just for today” part — the stress of trying not to be stressed fades a bit and I realize, “Hey, it’s just for today.”

It’s even for just this moment. If even the thought of letting go of your worries for an entire day seems insurmountable to you, then concentrate on this moment. If you can breathe through this moment and trust that you are being painstakingly taken care of for sixty seconds, then it’s a victory. And, if you succeed for one minute, maybe try another. And another. Every minute that you replace worry with peace makes your life a little sweeter, a little calmer. This is the beauty of the Reiki Principles; they are completely within our reach. I would, however, like to add that I know better than anyone how crippling anxiety attacks can be, and I am also very aware that they are not necessarily under our control. That being said, if you struggle with an anxiety disorder and the thought of releasing your worry even for one moment seems impossible, know that I have also been there. There is nothing wrong with taking medication to ease your anxiety, and if this is what helps you to live a more peaceful life, then by all means continue! You might find, though, as I have, that by managing your anxiety through medication you are able to search out new and “natural” ways to cope with your worry and may end up not needing the medicine at all after awhile! Either way, be gentle with yourself and practice release.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on releasing worry, and I’d be delighted if you’d share some of your own insights and/or tips in the comments below! I don’t believe any one person has all the answers when it comes to this kind of thing, so honest dialogue and the sharing of our personal experiences both hold immense value. Let’s open up the discussion!

P.S. If you live in Israel or are planning to visit in the near future, I highly recommend getting a Reiki treatment from Mark or Kandi. And, if you’re looking to start learning to practice Reiki yourself, I can personally attest to their excellence as teachers. Yes, I am shamelessly promoting their kick-ass business, so click here if you want the details!


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