Weekend Self Care: Creative Writing

It’s the weekend again!

Before I go any further with this post, I just want to let everyone know that I officially finished my Orthodox conversion to Judaism, complete with mikveh dunk and all, on Monday. I’m going to take this opportunity to say, “Mazal tov to me!” It’s been a long road, but a good one.

That being said, this week has been an excellent one, but I also got sick during the middle of the week. That, coupled with my job of chasing around two-year-olds all day, made for a pretty exhausting week, so I am looking forward to some recharge time this weekend. I’m finding that little by little I’m starting to tiptoe out of Hermit Mode and into my normal, more balanced state of mind, the one in which I enjoy spending time with close friends and going out for the occasional beer or coffee. It’s taken me awhile to put my pieces together after my breakup, so I’m very thankful for this!

This weekend’s self-care tip is a fun one, and I don’t care if you consider yourself a “writer” or not. The best thing about using creative writing for self-care is that it is meant solely for you. It’s not for a teacher, not for your parents, not for a grade, not for acceptance to a job or a university. It doesn’t even matter what you write about! If you hate spelling things correctly and you don’t give a damn about grammar, then feel free to throw all the orthographic rules you learned in grade school to the wind! This is truly just for you, and that means that you get to make the rules.

Writing is incredibly therapeutic. Writing your own fiction can be a wonderful way to let your imagination roam while offering a brief respite from some of our everyday worries. On the other hand, using your writing time to let out some of your feelings is also very freeing and can help you to make more sense of the swirling thoughts that seem like a muddled mess at times. Something about getting our thoughts down in an orderly way on paper makes them seem a lot less daunting and a whole lot more manageable. I, personally, do not usually like to reread the things I have written, so if that’s you as well, you can tear up your papers and throw them out! I have found on occasion, though, that if I do keep things I’ve written it can be very encouraging to stumble upon them at a later date and see how far I’ve come.

While it is ultimately up to you what you choose to write (or if you choose to write at all), I’ll leave you this weekend with a few ideas. Feel free to use these or to tweak them if they happen to lead you to a different train of thought.

  • What was the best thing that happened to you this week? When you think about it, how does it make you feel physically? Try to describe that feeling in words.
  • What do you like the most about yourself? Really take some time to think this through, go into detail, and give yourself some self-appreciation!
  • Write a short (or long) story that starts with the sentence, “As soon as I slammed the door in his face, I knew that nothing would ever be the same.” Get creative!

If you feel led to let us know how your writing went, please do so in the comments or feel free to send me a message. Namaste and Shabbat Shalom!

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