Meditation For Change & Letting Go

Because I believe it’s important to be honest, both with ourselves and others, I’ll come right out and say that I have a hard time letting go. In fact, when I first started learning about non-attachment in my yoga classes, it was the one thing I was pretty hesitant about. I don’t mind change — I’ve lived in a few different countries, done some pretty spontaneous things that other people thought I was crazy for. However, when it comes to losing things and letting go of people (even ones who don’t treat me well), it’s pretty rough.

Someone I loved very much recently walked out of my life. Although it’s happened to me in the past as well, this time seemed different and to be honest, I’m still grieving. Letting go does not come naturally to me, but instead of running away from the pain and distracting myself with more and more busyness, I’ve found that sitting with the hurt and allowing myself to feel it and release it has been incredibly healing. I’m assuming that many of you guys also have this same struggle with letting go, so I created a short meditation for you that you can keep in your toolbox of coping strategies and listen to as many times as you want.

I’m one of those people who really has a hard time sitting still and quieting my mind long enough to meditate. I start making grocery lists or conjugating verbs in my head after 30 seconds, so if the thought of sitting down with the intention of letting hard things go sounds daunting to you, believe me — I feel that! That’s why I kept this meditation short. It’s long enough to allow you the time and space to reflect, but short enough to (hopefully) ward off the antsy feelings. And, if the recording ends and you’d like to sit longer, you’ll already be in the zone. Win!

As I continue to move through my pain and allow the change to nourish me instead of harm me, I’ll be rooting for you guys to do the same. We’ve got this.

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