Weekend Self Care: Unplug

Okay, first things first. I want to address last week. If you follow my blog and wait with bated breath for the weekly self-care post every Friday morning (hey, a girl can dream!), you may have noticed that it…well…never showed up. Yes, I skipped out on our weekly post.

However, while I was all prepared to apologize to you lovely readers, I realized that missing a self-care post in order to care for oneself does not an apology require! The last couple of weeks have been incredibly packed for me, and between work, classes, exercising, and mundane chores like cooking and laundry, I haven’t had much time to sleep and give my body the rest that it needs. So, that’s what I did! I took my own advice, said “no” to one of the demands I’d imposed on myself (even though it’s one that I really do enjoy), and was able to gain a little rejuvenation in the midst of busyness. So, that’s that.

This week’s Weekend Self Care idea is to unplug! Actually, we religious Jews do this each and every weekend when we observe Shabbat. For reasons more complicated than what we’ll get into in this post, we don’t use electricity at all from Friday night to Saturday night, and although a lot of people ask me how I survive 25 whole hours without my phone, a TV, or the internet, I always look forward to unplugging and going off the grid for a little while. Being free from the constant overload of information that dumps down my newsfeed every day and not having to worry about who’s read my text messages and not responded yet is seriously amazing! It also frees up a ton of time to read and spend time in meaningful conversation with friends and family– time that otherwise would probably have been spent on YouTube or scrolling through my Facebook messages.

Now, I know that 25 hours is a long time for a lot of people and that is totally understandable. I’m definitely not suggesting that we all go out and unplug from all electricity for that length of time (unless you want to!), but I do encourage you to find one hour this weekend during which you can switch off your phone, shut your laptop, and quiet the television. If an hour seems too long, try 30 minutes! Even just that small of an island in time will do wonders for your happiness levels! And think of all the things you can do with that extra bit of time: read that magazine that came in the mail three weeks ago, play a game with your kid, cook something delicious, play an instrument, go for a walk. The possibilities are endless!

I’m wishing you a glorious weekend! Be sure to let me know in the comments how your unplugged hour served you and how you chose to spend that extra sixty minutes of distraction-free time. Shabbat shalom!


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